Cookies Policy

1. Our website does not use automatic means to collect information other that IP addresses and other data automatically sent to servers by web browsers (users can configure their browsers in accordance with their preferences regarding privacy), and data contained in cookie files or other similar technologies, such as Facebook/LinkedIn pixels (hereinafter jointly referred to as cookies). Furthermore, we may use marketing (including remarketing tools and conversion tracking tools) from Google, LinkedIn or Facebook that use cookies and provide us with anonymised information regarding user behaviour on our websites, their geographical locations, browsers, operating systems, and devices used, etc. Finally, we provide links to let you comfortably use our social media profiles, and when you do that, such social media platforms may place their own cookies on your device. This also applies to other commonly used plug-ins/extensions, which we provide to improve the comfort of use of our page and which are operated by third parties. Using those is entirely optional. For instance, embedding a YouTube video on our website may result in your browser exchanging cookies with YouTube.

2. We define remarketing as using various technical means on our website, such as cookies, that allow us to recognize that our website was already visited in a given browser and to display in this browser, based on this fact, ads that remind of our offer, utilizing the Google, Facebook or LinkedIn ad network. By conversion tracking we mean recognizing that showing a specific ad led to a specific interaction with our company, such as visiting some page of our website, dialing our phone number, sending files for a quotation, etc. The cookies and similar means may be used for the above purposes both by us and by the three companies mentioned above, who run the technical means necessary to display ads on the Internet. These companies allow their users to configure their preferences regarding possible personalization of ads displayed to them. For instance in case of Google you can do it on the Ad settings page. In other words, we use standard advertising solutions, such as Google Ads.

3. Cookie files are saved on user device by various pages. Usually, they contain the address of the page they come from, a unique identifier, and an information on how long they should be stored on a given device. Thanks to them, the page can remember that this browser has already displayed it in the past, and what preferences were set by the user. To learn more about cookies, visit the Wikipedia site or go to At any time, you can configure your Internet browser settings regarding cookies, according to your needs. You can even delete all cookies if you want.

4. Apart from situations involving third parties listed in clause 1, cookies are placed on a user device and accessed by the owner of the website.

5. Cookies and technologies mentioned in clause 1 are used to:

  • adjust the contents of the websites to user preferences in order to optimise their use of our websites; in particular, these files allow the website to recognise user device and display a page already adjusted to their individual needs; store user preferences regarding appearance and contents of the page, etc. With this, we are able to conduct A/B tests to learn which pages are more popular and which are less popular among the users, and which versions sell best. This also provides us information that we can use to improve our offer and website.
  • produce statistics and analyses that help us understand the way users actually use our website, in order to improve its layout and contents; use the Google Analytics tool, which you can disable for instance by using options presented on this page;
  • support the so-called user session functionality;
  • enable us to use marketing and remarketing tools, including conversion tracking;
  • provide social media functionalities;
  • provide review/comment functionality;
  • provide the feature of sending files to us to get a quote;
  • enable you to comfortably watch videos physically stored on YouTube.

Personal Data

6. This information on Personal Data extend the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

7. Apart from the data required for order completion, signing-up to a newsletter, etc., the owner of the website may also receive other data, such as an IP address or ‘user-agent’ data, which is automatically sent by user’s browser to a server due to technical requirements of the Internet. Web servers, including ours, record such data in so-called log files.

8. Personal data is processed exclusively for the purposes it has been collected, and it is shared only with parties listed in the Privacy Policy. We do not sell or share personal data to any other parties.

9. Server rooms storing personal data of our customers/users use modern safeguard standards. The owner of the website complied with his obligations in the area of personal data processing, in particular by drawing up an internal Personal Data Policy and an instruction for managing the IT system for processing personal data. Members of personnel of the owner of the website having access to personal data have been trained to use it in accordance with applicable law.

English version of this Policy is a non-certified translation of the Polish text. The provisions of the Polish language version of this Policy shall be legally binding.