Price list

Free quote

Our offer is addressed to business entities only. Files for free quotation can be sent to We always respond promptly.
The price depends on the deadline, source language, target language, difficulty level, and whether you wish to have your text proofread by an independent reviewer.

Currently we cover the following languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish

Price example for English to Polish translation: (net prices, one page = 250 words / 1800 characters of source material)

a) non-specialist texts:
15 EUR
0.06 EUR
b) specialist texts:
17.5 EUR
0.07 EUR
We also recommend the following additional services:
– Content-related revision, especially important in case of specialist texts:
8.75 EUR
0.035 EUR
– Linguistic review (a second pair of eyes to eliminate any infrequent mistakes):
7.50 EUR
0.03 EUR
– DTP (if you wish to receive a translated PDF document with preserved layout):

We also offer proof-reading of texts originally written in English (for 0.03 EUR per word).

After purchasing the full package, at least 4 people will be working on your text to assure highest quality of service.
What’s more, we have enough people and spare hardware to guarantee that no sickness, computer failure
or other unfortunate circumstances will negatively impact order delivery. We always deliver on time.

Why choose us
We are not intimidated by difficult technical texts – we have an extensive experience with them.
After purchasing the full package, you will get the highest quality, immediately usable material
(this is supported by i.a. the testimonials we’ve received from large companies that we work for – you can find them on our home page).
A large part of our revenue comes from fixing the shortcomings of translations by other companies.
That’s why the list of our direct clients includes some of the largest companies in the world.

Other things to pay attention to during quotation

We ensure transparency. Our prices are per 1 word, which serves as the basis for settlements, and we also give them per 1 page for your convenience.
The standard page contains 250 words / 1800 characters. However, some smaller companies may state that a page is only 1600, 1150, and even 1000 characters, and in the most extreme scenarios the final price can be twice as high as ours.

Document wordcounts can be easily checked e.g. in Microsoft Word. 
Of course, we can also check it ourselves and quickly deliver a free quote.
All you have to do is send your files to hello@dadan.plThis also applies to languages other than English – we kindly ask you to always send us files for quotation.

Invoicing and payment
Translation is a service performed on an individual client’s request. If you change your mind and decide you don’t need the translation services anymore, we can’t resell or reclaim the resources and time already invested in your order.

Each translation job is always handled by 
several people. A job can take one day, two days, or even several months, depending on its complexity.
We cannot allow our employees to work unpaid time. That’s why we have a strict policy: all orders must be paid for in advance.
We issue proforma invoices, and then, when we get paid, full UE VAT invoices with a “100% advance, reverse charge” note.