Why us?

Why work with us?

What sets us apart from other translation companies is the fact that our founder, Michał Dadan, is a programmer who enjoys designing electronic devices as a hobby. Our employees are linguists, but all of them are also passionate about the subject matter of texts they translate or have quickly learned to create the highest quality translations.

We are certain you will find our services satisfactory. We can also guarantee that you won’t find another translation company in Poland whose employees don’t need to be taught the differences between a varistor and a transistor or between polymorphism and encapsulation.

We are one of the few translation companies that employ their translators full time, at a physical office. This means that we have an established team whose members quickly learn about all requirements of our clients. You only need to submit your comments and preferences once – from that point on, we will always adhere to them. We know our clients, we like them, and we are willing to jump through hoops to help them in need.

Thanks to this unique combination of technical and humanistic knowledge you will receive translations that are not only correct,
but also sound great in the target language. This is extremely important because in the eyes of customers, the quality of texts you publish often directly correlates with the quality of your products and services.

Finally, let us mention that a big part of our revenue comes from other translation companies who turn to us
and request help with texts they cannot handle themselves. We believe that is recommendation enough.